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DCBP is an international auto trading marketplace that aggregates the best used car offers from around the world, with full inspection diagnostics, customized financing options and door-to-door delivery, to make used car sales in China affordable, accessible, and reliable.

Before I joined, DCBP was an offline logistics company that sold cars to China from places like Russia, Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

I was brought on to bring the company online. Initially, I worked as a UI/UX designer and later led the product team, working closely with the company's CEO and CTO, and collaborating with graphic and front-end designers.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of DCBP.


In China, car buyers China have a difficult time purchasing a used car at local dealerships. The market is plagued by scams and supply shortage, cornering buyers paying unreasonable import markups and poor condition used cars.

The shortage of high quality used cars caused some dealers to lie about car conditions in order to increase sales, but after investigators exposed some of the shops that sold these vehicles, buyers have become aware and distrustful.

Unlike other countries, China also lacks robust auto financing programs, so buyers either have to pay cash for their cars or have to wait for years before they can purchase a car.

How can we provide car buyers with the resources and confidence they need to buy used cars online?


Introducing DCBP, the first cross-border used car marketplace in China, allowing customers to buy directly from the United States, Canada, Russia, and Europe.

Since buying a car online and using auto loans were still a novel concept in China. We focused obsessively on building trust and overcoming objections to encourage buyers on a new car buying experience.

We noticed most local dealerships sites lacked a finished and intentional look, as if they have not been updated in decades. So we began by setting ourselves apart with easy-to-navigate homepage and compelling visuals.

Buyers’ interest in discovery led us to optimize the search and browse experience around novelty, affordability, popularity, and fuel efficiency, so they can explore new makes and models that will best suit their needs.

A full inspection report is provided on every car detail page, with 156 detailed items examined by certified mechanics, as well as photos and videos to reveal any physical dents, dings, scratches, or other imperfections of the vehicle to guarantee full transparency. As well as a 7-day free return period to completely remove uncertainty.

To make the idea of financing more appealing, we added monthly payment amounts right next to the full price for every vehicle to intrigue the buyers and surprise them with the difference in affordability.

During the loan application, buyers can choose their own down payment, term length, monthly payment, and APR by using sliders that correspond with each other. Having this flexibility and control over their loan terms will give them the confidence they need, and it will also educate them on how each change may affect the loan.

By leveraging DCBP’s core offline logistics expertise, we were able to provide accessibility to buyers in desperate needs and help improve their quality of life by expediting their journey to car ownership.


The DCBP soft launch took place on September 12th, 2016, at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, where we attracted a lot of interest, and also pitched it to various VCs.

It was all worth it in 2017, when we raised one of the largest Series A funding rounds from Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, in Taipei.


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