Hi, I'm Van.

I'm a self-taught product designer currently based out of San Jose, California. 

My first exposure to design came while studying to become a 3D Character Animator at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

After graduating, I noticed a spike in demand for designers, so instead of applying to highly competitive positions as an animator, I started my own design studio to capitalize on the opportunity. 

Over the next six years, I traveled around Asia while working with remote clients online and local clients in Taiwan.

Eventually, my journey led me back to the bay area, where I intend to further refine my skills and impact more lives.

Design Philosophy

Design is rendered intent, and product design is about capturing this constant shifting of intent between people and technology. Thus, it is my responsibility to continually seek out new perspectives and experiment with new methods in order to understand and advocate for the evolving needs of my customers.

Every day, as product designers, we must fight for a higher integrity and stand:

For the truth - validating our assumptions and testing our hypotheses to understand and execute on what actually works. 

Against chaos - maintaining alignment with our principals and goals to consistently maintain our efficiency and effectiveness. 

To embrace diversity - embracing our differences to give us the humility we need to solve problems much bigger than ourselves.


I'm a bit of a health nut. I enjoy eating clean, jogging with music, and hitting the gym. And I love dogs even more than humans 😊


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